Rodent Droppings Clean Up Service

Rodent Droppings Clean Up Service

Rodent Droppings And The Health Risks

Rodent droppings pose serious health risks, including Hantavirus, which is an infection that causes a fatal respiratory disease. Cleanup and decontamination of areas infested by rodents should only be attempted by trained professionals.  If you find rodent droppings, chances are good that urine and saliva are present, and the animal is also likely to return.

Rodent feces in attics can contaminate insulation and ductwork that can spread Hantavirus throughout your home. Additional health risks posed by rodents include Bubonic Plague, which is spread by the bite of infected fleas, Salmonellosis, which is caused by consumption of food contaminated by rodent’s feces, and Rat-Bite Fever, which is also spread by consuming food contaminated by rodent feces.

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Calling an exterminator to trap and destroy rodents is only the first step. Austin Bio Clean tackles the secondary step of cleaning and disinfecting your home or business of rodent droppings, urine, and saliva to remove all possible health risks.

At Austin Bio Clean we are responsible for providing the good people of Austin and Central Texas with a methodical decontamination and cleanup routine. Most of us are aware of how mole bites and rat bites can be poisonous. However, not many are aware of the fact that rat, mole and raccoon droppings are some of the most toxic sources of malcontent that pose a health risk to humans. Rodents do not only pose a risk when they bite you. Rodent fecal matter is highly toxic in nature as well as rodent saliva and urine.

Rodent excrement matter is not only responsible for bacterial contamination. It is also responsible for producing a foul odor that can make you sick from prolonged exposure. If you are looking to make your home and office more habitable, then you can count on Austin Bio Clean to provide a well-rounded rodent droppings clean up service.

It is our responsibility to rid your premises of rodent droppings and ensure that they do not visit your property in the near future. A complete scrub down of all contaminated services is provided along with measures to prevent future chances of rodent excretion. This comes especially in handy for our customers who own pets or have infant children.

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