Bodily Fluid Cleanup

Body Fluid Cleanup

If you’ve experienced an incident involving the spilling of body fluids, Austin Bio Clean is here for you with fast biohazard cleaning services to get you back on your feet. We handle bodily fluid cleanup after incidents such as:

Body Fluids are Biohazards Requiring Special Handling

Whenever body fluids are spilled in an amount beyond a basic cut or minor accident, professional biohazard cleanup is needed to remediate the area and make sure all areas have been disinfected. Bodily fluids can include the following:

As all of the above fluids can contain a wide variety of disease-causing viruses and bacteria, it’s important to make sure the area is left truly clean. If not cleaned up properly, even a small amount left in a crack or under the carpet unseen can have long-range consequences for anyone in the area. Left unchecked, bacteria can multiply and the fluid can cause structural issues down the road. If someone does become sick due to negligence or incomplete cleanup, the owner of the property can be held legally liable for all future damages.

To protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property investment, make sure you hire quality biohazard cleaners to thoroughly clean, sanitize, and decontaminate the space so you can move forward in health and safety.

Quality Cleanup in Your Time of Need

We know what it feels like to go through a difficult time when you feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to turn. In those moments, Austin Bio Clean is dedicated to being here for you however we can with quality cleanup and round-the-clock service. Available 24-7, we know events such as accidents and death can happen any time of day or night so we are always here for you to personally answer your questions about your unique situation and assist however we can.

We believe you deserve the highest quality service, respect, and a clean home or business free or dangerous materials.

Our Body Fluid Cleanup Process

When you call, you’ll never reach an impersonal call center but one of our staff who are there to answer any questions you have. We have carefully selected each member of our team to ensure the job is always done right with great attention to detail so you’ll always know the area is truly clean. Discreet and respectful of your privacy, we arrive in an unmarked vehicle and wearing plain uniforms. We then clean, sanitize, and decontaminate all salvageable materials while legally disposing of unsalvageable items as medical waste. Our goal is always to restore the home or business to how it was before the traumatic event or accident.

Call Today for Immediate Service

While we know we can’t take away what happened, we can clean the mess left behind and set the area to right. Call us today if you need bodily fluid cleanup anywhere throughout Austin or surrounding communities. We’re always happy to answer any questions or to provide a free quote and consultation. Our emergency services are always available at 512-772-3733

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